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Tufts University (Health Science Campus) Clinical Rotations

Type of Institution Private University
Director Scott Perkins, VMD, MPH, ACLAM
Address DLAM
136 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02026
Who to Contact Scott Perkins
Contact Email
Contact Phone 617-636-5615
Contact Fax 617-636-8354
How long are the rotations? 3-4 weeks, in general
When do rotations start? Year round.
Prerequisites 3rd or 4th year veterinary students
How many trainees at one time? 1-3
Salary none
Benefits none
Availability of housing Student is responsible for arranging housing.

The Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine (DLAM) at the Tufts University Health Sciences Campus (Tufts HSC) and the Tufts Medical Center, located in downtown Boston provides clinical rotations for 3rd and 4th year veterinary students throughout the year. The length of the rotations are generally 3-4 weeks but can be tailored to the individual. The responsibilities of the students will include assisting the veterinary technicians, facility manager and supervisors, and veterinarians in the various daily activities in the animal facilities. The student will rotate through various sections of the DLAM including the Animal Health Service, Animal Husbandry Service, and Research Animal Health and Pathology Support (RAHPS) Laboratory. In addition, the students will have the ability to rotate through the Surgical Research Laboratory. The students are expected to participate in the daily activities of the department and may have an opportunity to become involved in specific research projects. In addition, the student will be required to present a seminar at the end of the rotation on a topic of their choice, approved by a staff veterinarian. The clinical rotation is an excellent opportunity for 3rd or 4th year veterinary students who have an interest in or desire to gain additional experience in laboratory animal medicine and/or biomedical research. Interested individuals should send a cover letter, resume, veterinary transcripts, and 2 letters of recommendation to:

Scott E. Perkins, VMD, MPH, Dipl. ACLAM
136 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02111
617-636-8354 FAX

There are no deadlines for the position but arrangements should be made at least a month in advance. For further information, please feel free to contact Dr. Perkins at (617) 636-5615 or via e-mail at