Type of InstitutionPublic University
DirectorRobin Crisler, DVM, MS, DACLAM
Address975 W. Walnut St, IB 008, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Who to ContactRobin Crisler
Contact Emailcrisler@iupui.edu
Contact Phone(317) 274-8649
Contact Fax(317) 274-1969
How long are the rotations?Variable; 8-12 week summer programs; 2-4 week externships
When do rotations start?As requested

Complete first year of veterinary curriculum. Preference will be given to students with an expressed intent to pursue a career in laboratory animal medicine and/or research.

How many trainees at one time?

Maximum 2
SalaryMost opportunities are unpaid, however paid summer positions are sometimes available. Inquire for more information.
BenefitsGreat training experience with enthusiastic veterinary staff
Availability of housingStudents must make their own travel and housing arrangements. There is no on-site housing.
Overview of the program

Our program is designed to introduce interested veterinary students to a broad exposure of all facets of laboratory animal medicine and its various disciplines including: research, management, clinical medicine, diagnostic services, husbandry practices, experimental surgery, and pathology.

There are 2-4 week rotation options throughout the year to assist veterinary students in receiving credits toward veterinary school graduation. We also often offer paid veterinary student externships in the summer that are sponsored by ACLAM. Opportunities for job-shadowing may also be available for early to mid-career veterinarians who are considering changing to the laboratory animal medicine specialty.

Responsibilities of the student will include:

  • Participation in clinical rounds
  • Assist in physical examinations, assessments, differential diagnosis
  • Work with veterinarians and researchers in clinical case workup
  • Attend rotations with husbandry, medicine, experimental surgery, pathology and diagnostic laboratory groups
  • Observe various research laboratories
  • Attend seminars on lab animal topics
  • Present information on journal topics and diagnostic problems as assigned
  • Participate in handling/training labs as available
To apply to visit with us as an extern, intern, or otherwise, please send the following information to us: 1) Formal letter of intent, describing your goals and what you are seeking; 2) Contact information for 3 professional veterinary references who can support your interest in laboratory animal medicine; 3) A copy of your current CV
Other commentsWe have two openings for an 8-week ACLAM-sponsored Summer Externship during the range of late May to early August 2020 that will offer an hourly salary rate. Please apply by March 15th, 2020 for full consideration. We will continue to receive and review applications until the positions are filled, however early applicants applying prior to March 15th, will receive preferential review.
updated 2-7-2020