Louisiana State University

Type of InstitutionPublic University
DirectorRhett W. Stout, DVM, PhD, DACLAM

LSU School of Veterinary Medicine, Skip Bertman Drive, Rm 1502, Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Who to ContactRhett W. Stout
Contact Emailrstout1@lsu.edu
Contact Phone(225) 578-9641
Contact Fax(225) 578-9649
How long are the rotations?Typically, 2 weeks.
When do rotations start?Any time (exceptions include National AALAS meeting and holidays)

How many trainees at one time?

SalaryNone: Applicants can apply for a Kenneth F. Burns clerkship (https://www.lsu.edu/vetmed/research/student_research_opportunities/burns_clerkship.php). Approval by KFB program pays approximately $1000.00 for a two-week clerkship. These are essentially travel funds.  Application for the clerkship is separate from the preceptorship application.
BenefitsNone, except friendly people who enjoy teaching and passing along their knowledge.
Availability of housing

None provided

Overview of the program

This preceptorship is essentially a two-week clinical rotation within the Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine.  This rotation is identical to our clinical rotation block for senior veterinary students at the LSU SVM.  Participants will work directly with residents (and possibly senior veterinary students) on clinical cases, diagnostics, help with any scheduled research projects and will attend Colloquium which is a resident focused didactic training class to prepare for ACLAM board certification.  Participants should walk away with a better understanding of the role of laboratory animal medicine veterinarians, as well as a clear understanding of our laboratory animal medicine residency program.

Other commentsThere is no formal application document.  Applications should be initiated well in advance (3-4 months ideally) of your target time frame for visiting.  The earlier you apply, the greater the chance you will be able to attend during your desired time frame.