Type of InstitutionPrivate University
DirectorDrs. Jennifer Pullium/Mark Klinger/Ellen Levee

430 East 29th Street, Room 236, New York, NY 10016

Who to ContactDr. Samantha Peneyra
Contact EmailSamantha.peneyra@nyulangone.org
Contact Phone(212) 263-1282
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How long are the rotations?Flexible (2+ weeks)
When do rotations start?Year-round
PrerequisitesVeterinary student (years 1-4) with general interest in lab animal medicine

How many trainees at one time?

Availability of housing


Overview of the program

NYU-Regeneron is an ACLAM recognized 3-year rotating laboratory animal residency program located in New York City that combines the experiences of both academic and biopharmaceutical working environments. Flexible externship opportunities for veterinary students are now available.

NYU’s Washington Square campus is a small academic facility located in Greenwich Village. This campus is home to a robust neuroscience research program (Center for Neural Science) and provides opportunities for clinical experience with both non-human primates and rodent species.

NYU Langone Health (NYULH) is an academic center linked to both a medical school and growing hospital system. NYULH has a sizable research campus in support of laboratories with varied expertise dedicated to advancing research and improving healthcare through scientific discovery. The NYULH research facilities provide a diverse census of rodents, birds, rabbits, swine, and aquatic species.

Regeneron is a mid-sized pharmaceutical company focusing on biotherapeutics. In addition to pharmaceutical research, Regeneron is also known for its development of Velocihum technology, allowing the widespread engraftment of human DNA into the mouse genome and, thus, better predictability of biotherapeutic efficacy. Their Tarrytown campus is home to both research and rodent production facilities. An opportunity to visit the Regeneron campus and meet the veterinary staff is available for externships of greater than 3 weeks duration.

To apply for an externship opportunity, please submit via email a copy of your curriculum vitae, 3 professional references and a statement of interest letting us know a little bit about your background, why you are interested in the laboratory animal medicine field and your career aspirations.  

Please submit all application materials to samantha.peneyra@nyulangone.org.
Other comments

A minimum lead time of 2 months is required to process and coordinate an externship experience.

Occupational Health Requirements (verification required prior to start date) include: MMR vaccine series or titer, Tuberculosis PPD within 2 month of start (or Quantiferon Gold Assay), Tetanus (Tdap adult) vaccine within 10 years, Varicella vaccine or titer, and Influenza vaccine (during flu season)