Pfizer Comparative Medicine

Type of InstitutionPharmaceutical company
DirectorDr. Philip Gerwin

Externships offered at all sites: Groton, CT; Cambridge, MA; Pearl River, NY; La Jolla, CA

Who to ContactDr. Philip Gerwin
Contact Phone(860) 441-1029
Contact FaxN/A
How long are the rotations?2-6 weeks
When do rotations start?Year-round
PrerequisitesAt least 1 year of veterinary school

How many trainees at one time?

Availability of housing

Not provided

Overview of the program

The department of Comparative Medicine (CM) within Pfizer’s division of Worldwide Research, Development and Medical typically offers externships for laboratory animal medicine veterinarian residents and veterinary students. CM is a department that provides husbandry and operations support, in vivo support, regulatory compliance, and veterinary care at four sites: Cambridge (MA), Groton (CT), Pearl River (NY), and La Jolla (CA). CM implements and refines animal disease models in partnership with Research Units and other departments.

Externs participate in veterinary medical and surgical support of all laboratory animal species under the supervision of staff veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Externs participate in preventative medicine programs and clinical case management, quarantine programs, health monitoring programs (biosecurity), behavioral management, enrichment activities, and socialization programs. Externs may receive training in technical procedures, handling, and experimental techniques as available. Externs may gain exposure to applicable laws and regulations pertaining to the care and use of laboratory animals, including institutional Animal Care and Use Committee meetings and protocol reviews, Standard Operating Procedures, United States Department of Agriculture (Animal Welfare Act), Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (Public Health Service Policy; The Guide), and AAALAC. Externs learn about the preclinical research process, including pre-study meetings, study design, and selection of animal models. Externs may participate in pathology activities. Through these experiences, externs will gain a comprehensive appreciation of the role of the veterinarian in a robust pharmaceutical research setting. Externs are encouraged to give a presentation during their externship.  

Other commentsInterested applicants should email Dr. Gerwin