Type of InstitutionPublic University
DirectorCraig Franklin, DVM, PhD, DACLAM and Erin O’Connor, DVM, MS, DACLAM
AddressDepartment of Veterinary Pathobiology, College of Veterinary Medicine,  4011 Discovery Drive, Columbia, MO 65201
Who to ContactCraig Franklin, DVM, PhD
Contact Emailfranklinc@missouri.edu
Contact Phone(573) 882-6623
Contact Fax(573) 884-7521
How long are the rotations?Varies; may range from 2-12 weeks
When do rotations start?Any time; coordinate with Dr. Franklin.  Please keep in mind that summers often fill up with ASLAP fellows (see https://www.aalas.org/national-meeting/general-information/future-meetings) and activities may slow during the week of AALAS and over the holidays
PrerequisitesHave completed at least one year of veterinary school; demonstrate an interest in research and laboratory animal medicine

How many trainees at one time?

1-3 externships are available at any one time
SalaryOnly for summer ASLAP fellows
BenefitsGreat group with whom to work
Availability of housingApartments or stay with postdoctoral trainees or veterinary students. 
Overview of the program

The University of Missouri Comparative Medicine Program offers externships for 2-12 weeks.

Externs participate in laboratory animal medicine activities and comparative medicine research, but may emphasize one or more areas depending on their interests.

LABORATORY ANIMAL MEDICINE: externs participate in the day to day activities of providing clinical veterinary care to research animals. They assist and participate in routine health care and diagnosis and designing treatment plans for a diverse group of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, swine, rats, mice and genetically-engineered animals. Externs gain experience in laboratory animal practice/facility management by observing interactions and problem solving between laboratory animal veterinarians, research staff and animal care staff. Externs may also participate in experimental surgeries and facility inspections if the latter are ongoing during the externs visit.

COMPARATIVE MEDICINE RESEARCH: Externs who perform rotations of 4 weeks or more are assigned a research project, depending on project availability. The extern reads pertinent literature, implements the project, analyzes data generated and gives a short (20-25 minute) presentation at the completion of the externship.  Externs performing 2-4 week rotations can also participate in a project or opt to give a presentation on a laboratory animal medicine topic of their choice. Externs can also rotate with post-DVM trainees of the CMP who are actively engaged in research projects. During these rotations, externs discuss projects and participate in laboratory procedures.

ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES: Externs may also participate in a variety of ongoing activities such as seminars, clinical and pathology rounds, lab meetings, journal clubs, and animal handling laboratories. Externs are under the direct supervision of clinical veterinarians, research scientists, comparative pathologists and post-DVM trainees throughout the externship.

One other important note – we highly recommend that you bring a car for your visit.  Public transportation in Columbia does not reach all sites including Discovery Ridge where many cool activities occur.  We can help find rent a car options if you choose to go that route.  Bikes are an option, but Discovery Ridge is about 5 miles from campus and the roads are pretty narrow for bike traffic.  If you will not have a car, we recommend that you make sure another extern will be here during your visit so that you can get rides when possible.
For more information about our post-DVM residency program, see http://cmp.missouri.edu/.

We also have two more extended (10-12 weeks) summer programs.  If you will be looking for something during the summer, check out http://vrsp.missouri.edu/ and http://vrsp.missouri.edu/related-program-in-lab-animal-medicine/.

Other commentsTo apply for an externship (any time), please send a CV (with current veterinary school GPA), letter of interest describing your career interests (including research interests), how this externship will aid in pursuing those interests, and dates you’d like to perform the externship to: Craig Franklin, DVM, PhD DACLAM at franklinc@missouri.edu.  Also, please have one letter of reference sent to the same email address.