Institution TypeCorporate Research Facility
Is there a medical school?No
Is this a land-grant institution?No
Vivarium DirectorRoy Tietjen
Program DirectorDr LaVonne Meunier
Who to ContactDr LaVonne Meunier
AddressPO Box 1539, King of Prussia, PA  19406-0939
Phone(610) 270-6389
Fax(610) 270-5630

Vivarium Information

Vivarium NameGlaxoSmithKline
Is the facility AAALAC accredited?Yes
Describe management structureOne central vivarium only
Describe the extent to which your facilities are centralizedAnimals housed in 2-5 separate locations
Vivarium Square Feet200,000
Summarize the nature of the animal population and the predominant types of clinical activities

GSK is a global pharmaceutical company that discovers and develops drugs. Investigative and GLP studies are done in support of getting drugs identified and approved for human use. We have mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, dogs and nonhuman primates (macaques) at the site.

Number of Veterinarians in program7
Number of ACLAM Diplomates in program4
Number of Boarded Pathologists5
Number of Other Boarded Veterinary Specialists2
Number of necropsies/week in the veterinary unit0
Number of surgical cases/week in the veterinary unit2

Training Program Details

Is this program recognized by ACLAM?Yes
Does this program participate in the Veterinary Internship & Residency Matching Program (VIRMP)?Yes
Number of concurrent residents1
How many residents/trainees have completed this program?17
Of these, how many have subsequently become ACLAM Diplomates?5
In what year did the program accept its first trainee? 
How many years are required to complete this program (residency only)?3
Is formal coursework offered?Yes
Is a degree program associated with this residency?No
If yes, what degree(s)?
Which departments most commonly grant degree(s)?
Give an overview of this program, describing its particular strengths and any unique aspects that are not addressed in any of the other sections

We have a variety of species including a colony of cynomolgus macaque monkeys. The residents are able to get significant clinical experience involving clinical cases, surgical and imaging models. The also learn about drug discovery and requirements for development of drugs including GLP work. They are encouraged to work up cases and required to do a research project. There is a strong welfare component to the program that includes working on projects to improve housing, enrichment and welfare of all species.

Describe any unique research interests of your facultyGSK is a global pharmaceutical company and therefore studies are done in support of discovery and development of drugs. The Laboratory Animal Science department has an imaging group with MRI and PET capability. There are a number of studies that incorporate ultrasound imaging. The site does GLP work the includes General Toxicology and Safety Pharmacology. We have a number of other research areas including oncology, drug metabolism, heart failure, biopharm and infectious diseases.
Give a few literature citations of publications completed by trainees during their tenure in this program

Mallon FM, et al. Comparison of antibody response by use of synthetic adjuvant system and Freund complete adjuvant in rabbits. AJVR 52(9):1503-1506 1991

Rock FM, et al. Diagnosis of a case of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a cynomolgus (Macaca fascicularis) monkey colony by polymerase chain reaction and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. LAS 45(3):315-319 1995
Rock FM, et al. Effects of Caging Type and Group Size on Selected Physiologic Variables in Rats. Cont Topics LAS. 36(2):69-72 1997

Schultz LB, et al. Lack of Reactivation of Shigellosis in Naturally Infected Enrofloxacin-Treated Cynomolgus Monkeys After Exogenous Immunosuppression. LAS 47(6):602-605 1997.

Maguire, S., Strittmatter, R., Chandra, S., Barone, F.C. Stroke-prone rats exhibit prolonged behavioral deficits without increased brain injury: an indication of disrupted post-stroke brain recovery of function. Neuroscience Letters, 2004 Jan 16;354(3):229-33.

Yancy AD, et al. Differential uptake of ferumoxtran-10 and ferumoxytol, ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxide contrast agents in rabbit: Critical determinants of atherosclerotic plaque labeling. J Magn Reson Imaging 21(4):432-442 2005

Morris JB, et al. Patterns of USPIO Deposition in Murine Atherosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology. 28(9):158-159. 2008

Where will vacancies be advertised?Lab animal websites and meetings, CompMed listserv
What month does the program begin?Any

Living and Working

Starting Annual Salary$55,650
To what extent is travel to meetings, etc. paid for?full
Is individual health insurance provided?Yes
Is family health insurance provided?Yes
Describe any fees or tuitionCovered by the program
Describe the residents' responsibilities for night, weekend, and holiday coverageOn-call rotation is shared with 5 other veterinarians. The veterinarians are on-call on a weekly basis and only come in when there are emergencies.
How many annual vacation days are given?21
How many annual sick days are given?6
Briefly describe the communityThere are 2 GSK sites that are both located in a suburban area approximately 30-45 minutes north of Philadelphia and near Valley Forge.
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