Institution Type Private University
Is there a medical school? Yes
Is this a land-grant institution? No
Vivarium Director Drs. Jennifer Pullium/Mark Klinger/Ellen Levee
Program Director Dr. Gordon Roble
Who to Contact Dr. Gordon Roble
Address 665 Broadway, 8th Flr Ste 804, New York, NY  10012
Phone (212) 992 9749
Fax (212) 995 4104

Vivarium Information

Vivarium Name Multiple vivaria serving three institutions
Is the facility AAALAC accredited? Yes
Describe management structure 2-5 Administratively distinct vivaria
Describe the extent to which your facilities are centralized Animals housed in 5+ separate locations
Vivarium Square Feet 166,000
Summarize the nature of the animal population and the predominant types of clinical activities

Between NYUSoM and NYUWS, the animal census includes multiple rodent species including mice, rats, singing mice and gerbils as well as large animal species such as pigs, non-human primates and rabbits. NYUSoM consists of 6 central and 5 satellite animal research facilities comprising 47,554 sq. ft. Notable features include two rodent barriers, a large animal surgical suite, ABLS2 and ABSL-3 housing, zebrafish and song bird holding areas and various animal imaging modalities. The remaining satellite facilities are located within the School of Medicine Campus and are under the direction and care of the Division of Laboratory Animal Resources.
NYUWS has two central and 5 satellite animal research facilities comprising 10,933 sq. ft. Notable features include 2 rodent barriers, 3 non-human primate housing facilities for adult, juvenile and infant animals, a large animal surgical suite, diagnostic imaging equipment and 3 aquatic suites for housing Blind Cave fish, zebrafish and Aplysia californica. NYU also provides veterinary oversight for the multi-species fish facility located at NYU-Brooklyn Polytechnical Institute. Ancillary to the NYUSoM and NYUWS animal facilities are supporting core facilities such as small animal imaging, a transgenic production facility, and a large animal MRI facility.
Both NYUMC and NYUWS are undergoing significant expansions which are scheduled to be completed within in next 2-3 years.
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc is located 40 minutes by train from NYC in Tarrytown NY. Transportation costs will be included within trainee’s stipend. The Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. research animal facilities consist of five main facilities. The B5-3 Research Animal Facility (RAF) is the largest, 23,288 sq. ft. The B4-1 Mouse Production Facility (MPF) is 6,191 sq ft. The B4-2 Research Animal Facility (RAF) is 8,604 sq. ft. The Building 9 research animal vivarium is a new, self-contained state of the art facility with a net area of 56,000 square foot. This facility exclusively houses laboratory mice and includes rooms with exclusion barrier and conventional conditions, a quarantine room, procedure rooms, imaging suites, necropsy rooms, a large fully automated, efficient cage wash area with two tunnel washers, a rack washer, bedding dispensers and disposals, two large walk-in autoclave units, dedicated storage locations for food, bedding, and equipment and other research support areas. This facility provides space for the housing of over 100,000 mice either in individually ventilated caging systems or in shoeboxes in semi-rigid isolators. All of the facilities are under the management and oversight of Vivarium Operations. These four locations are physically on the same campus. Supporting core facilities include small animal imaging, transgenic production facility, isolator housing units and comprehensive surgical facilities.

Number of Veterinarians in program 12
Number of ACLAM Diplomates in program 7
Number of Boarded Pathologists 3
Number of Other Boarded Veterinary Specialists 0
Number of necropsies/week in the veterinary unit 10
Number of surgical cases/week in the veterinary unit 10

Training Program Details

Is this program recognized by ACLAM? Yes
Does this program participate in the Veterinary Internship & Residency Matching Program (VIRMP)? Yes
Number of concurrent residents 3
How many residents/trainees have completed this program? 1
Of these, how many have subsequently become ACLAM Diplomates? 0
In what year did the program accept its first trainee? 2014
How many years are required to complete this program (residency only)? 3
Is formal coursework offered? Yes
Is a degree program associated with this residency? No
If yes, what degree(s)? N/A
Which departments most commonly grant degree(s)? N/A
Give an overview of this program, describing its particular strengths and any unique aspects that are not addressed in any of the other sections New York University School of Medicine (NYUSoM) and New York University Washington Square (NYUWS) research, teaching, and testing programs include but are not limited to: neuroscience and behavior, microbiology, immunology, cancer, cardiology, surgery, diagnostic imaging, and endocrinology. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a leading science-based, fully integrated biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, manufactures, and commercializes medicines for the treatment of serious medical conditions. Regeneron markets medicines for eye diseases, colorectal cancer, and a rare inflammatory condition and has product candidates in development in other areas of high unmet medical need, including hypercholesterolemia, rheumatoid arthritis, and asthma.
The resident’s time will be divided evenly between NYUSoM, NYUWS and Regeneron for all aspects of first two years of training program. Regeneron personnel will also provide training in clinical and diagnostic pathology. These three locations are AAALACi accredited.

The training program is divided into three components. 1) Didatic training which will occur though out the three year training program. 2) Clinical training will occur for a two year period of the training program. This will include clinical and preventative medicine, husbandry and behavioral training as well as management and regulatory training. The trainee will be expected to participate in at least 1 IACUC meeting monthly. Trainee will be assigned to participate in an active reviewer role at each IACUC throughout the duration of the program. 3) Research component. This will occur for a 1 year period. It is anticipated that this will occur during the trainee’s third year of the program. The trainee is assigned to an ACLAM-certified member of the program faculty who will serve as the primary mentor or to a suitable faculty member willing and qualified to oversee research project. Projects which directly benefit the field of laboratory animal medicine will be encouraged.
Describe any unique research interests of your faculty Infectious murine disease, behavior, reproduction, anesthesia and surgery, phenotyping of genetically engineered mice including immunophenotyping and neurophenotyping, oncologic models such as tumor xeno- and allograft evaluation, metastatic cancer models, ophthalmologic models, immune-inflammatory models, infectious disease models, pain modeling including inflammatory and neuropathic and obesity and metabolic disease models including streptozotocin induced and genetically engineered models of diabetes.
Give a few literature citations of publications completed by trainees during their tenure in this program Henry JA, Roble G, Steinbach J Proceed, but cautiously. J.Lab Anim (NY). 2014 Nov;43(11):392-3. doi: 10.1038/laban.645.
Where will vacancies be advertised? ASLAP, VIRMP, ACLAM
What month does the program begin? July/August

Living and Working

Starting Annual Salary $50,000
To what extent is travel to meetings, etc. paid for? one meeting per year
Is individual health insurance provided? Yes
Is family health insurance provided? Yes
Describe any fees or tuition None
Describe the residents' responsibilities for night, weekend, and holiday coverage Resident will be responsible for night and weekend on-call for NYU and NYULMC
How many annual vacation days are given? 10
How many annual sick days are given? 3
Briefly describe the community Subsidized housing maybe available for post-doctoral candidates. Trainees will be provided travel subsidy for travel between New York City (NYUSoM and NYUWS and Regeneron).
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