Institution TypePublic University
Is there a medical school?Yes
Is this a land-grant institution?No
Vivarium DirectorKim E. Saunders, DVM, DACLAM
Program DirectorKim E. Saunders, DVM, DACLAM
Who to ContactKim E. Saunders, DVM, DACLAM
AddressDepartment of Comparative Medicine L110, Oregon Health & Science University, 3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd, Portland, OR  97239
Phone(503) 494-8425
Fax(503) 494-4338

Vivarium Information

Vivarium NameOHSU Central and Waterfront Campuses
Is the facility AAALAC accredited?Yes
Describe management structureOne central vivarium only
Describe the extent to which your facilities are centralizedAnimals housed in 5+ separate locations
Vivarium Square Feet100,000
Summarize the nature of the animal population and the predominant types of clinical activities

The Department of Comparative Medicine supports a diverse population of animal species including rodents, rabbits, ferrets, sheep, pigs, amphibians and fish. The DCM is responsible for the daily husbandry and clinical care of all animals used in research on campus.

Number of Veterinarians in program5
Number of ACLAM Diplomates in program2
Number of Boarded Pathologists0
Number of Other Boarded Veterinary Specialists0
Number of necropsies/week in the veterinary unit5
Number of surgical cases/week in the veterinary unit5

Training Program Details

Is this program recognized by ACLAM?Yes
Does this program participate in the Veterinary Internship & Residency Matching Program (VIRMP)?Yes
Number of concurrent residents2
How many residents/trainees have completed this program?6
Of these, how many have subsequently become ACLAM Diplomates?5
In what year did the program accept its first trainee?2013
How many years are required to complete this program (residency only)?3
Is formal coursework offered?Yes
Is a degree program associated with this residency?No
If yes, what degree(s)?N/A
Which departments most commonly grant degree(s)?N/A
Give an overview of this program, describing its particular strengths and any unique aspects that are not addressed in any of the other sectionsThe Oregon State Laboratory Animal Medicine Residency Consortium is a multi-institutional residency program that includes the participation of Oregon State University and the College of Veterinary Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University, and the Oregon National Primate Research Center. The program offers residency training in laboratory animal medicine to veterinarians. The three-year program is designed to develop proficiency in clinical laboratory animal medicine and graduate level biomedical research. This program provides an emphasis on comparative and preventive medicine in the wide variety of animal species used in teaching and research on the participating campuses. Each participating institution can hire residents into the program using the hiring practices and requirements of their specific institution.
Describe any unique research interests of your faculty
Give a few literature citations of publications completed by trainees during their tenure in this program
Where will vacancies be advertised?VIRMP
What month does the program begin?July

Living and Working

Starting Annual Salary$46,692
To what extent is travel to meetings, etc. paid for?Travel to professional meetings is reimbursed
Is individual health insurance provided?Yes
Is family health insurance provided?Yes
Describe any fees or tuitionNone
Describe the residents' responsibilities for night, weekend, and holiday coverageMay be required to participate in later years of training. This would be no more often than once every 4 weeks.
How many annual vacation days are given?7
How many annual sick days are given?5
Briefly describe the communityThe Department of Comparative Medicine supports research at OHSU with a staff of 45 covering two distinct campuses. Residents in this program also interact and train with faculty and residents from Oregon State University and the Oregon National Primate Research Center.
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