Tufts University

Institution TypeUniversity
Is there a medical school?Yes
Is this a land-grant institution?No
Vivarium DirectorScott Perkins
Program DirectorCorinna Beale
Who to ContactCorinna Beale
AddressTufts University, Comparative Medicine Services; 6th floor, 75 Kneeland Street, Boston MA 02111

Vivarium Information

Vivarium NameSurgical and Interventional Research Laboratories (SIRL)
Is the facility AAALAC accredited?Yes
Describe management structureSupervisor of internship: Corinna Beale, will also work with 3 other veterinarians that are part of the program
Describe the extent to which your facilities are centralized

Boston campus = main location

Occasional work at the Grafton and Medford locations (all 3 campuses within an hour drive)
Vivarium Square Feet~37,000 ft2
Summarize the nature of the animal population and the predominant types of clinical activitiesWe mainly work with pigs. We also have a fair number of rabbits studies currently as well. We do about 50% acute surgeries where the animal does not recover from surgery and 50% survival surgeries where we maintain the animals for a set period of time which varies from 1 week up to a couple years depending on the study. On average we have about 5-15 pigs and 5-15 rabbits in our facility at a time. We host human cadaver labs as well. Since our animal models are for human medicine and devices this is a very valuable aspect of our program to be able to learn and compare the anatomy for animal model development. 

We occasionally get labs that use sheep, goats, calves, dogs, and ferrets as well on a less frequent basis.

Our staff provides all of the anesthesia and animal prep for all the studies including intubation, catheterization, vascular cutdown and cannula placement, thoracotomy/sternotomy, vessel isolation. We also assist human surgeons with procedures such as laparoscopic gall bladder removal, colorectal anastomosis. We also have studies where we perform the entire surgery such as insertion of duodenal cannulas, intestinal resection, dental extraction, or placement of hernia mesh repair. In the beginning we will have you learn from our surgical technicians and veterinarians. We would like the intern to perform some of these surgeries independently by the end of their time with us. 

Number of Veterinarians in program4
Number of ACLAM Diplomates in program2
Number of Boarded Pathologists1
Number of Other Boarded Veterinary Specialists0
Number of necropsies/week in the veterinary unit1
Number of surgical cases/week in the veterinary unit5

Training Program Details

Is this program recognized by ACLAM?No. This is an internship not a residency
Does this program participate in the Veterinary Internship & Residency Matching Program (VIRMP)?No, independent applications
Number of concurrent residents0
How many residents/trainees have completed this program?3
Of these, how many have subsequently become ACLAM Diplomates?0 (3/3 currently in residency or other post-doc programs)
In what year did the program accept its first trainee?2016
How many years are required to complete this program (residency only)?1 year internship
Is formal coursework offered?No
Is a degree program associated with this residency?No
If yes, what degree(s)?
Which departments most commonly grant degree(s)?
Give an overview of this program, describing its particular strengths and any unique aspects that are not addressed in any of the other sections

The Tufts Comparative Medicine Services (Tufts CMS, formerly Tufts DLAM) has an opening for a one-year veterinary internship in laboratory animal surgery and medicine at the Tufts University Health Sciences Campus/Tufts Medical Center, located in downtown Boston. We are seeking an enthusiastic veterinary graduate with a strong interest in surgery, an interest in laboratory animal medicine, and excellent interpersonal skills. The internship will provide a solid foundation in laboratory animal medicine that will assist the candidate with obtaining a residency position or employment in the field. The intern will primarily support our Surgical and Interventional Research Laboratories (SIRL) facility. SIRL is a full-service surgical testing and training facility used by industry and academia for preclinical medical devices and diagnostic testing, specializing in prototype studies, new surgical techniques, product evaluation, comparative testing and physician training and demonstration.

The intern will also participate in other Tufts CMS services, including Veterinary Services, Technical Services, Comparative Pathology Services, and Animal Husbandry Service. The intern will have significant training and supervision initially and then will be expected to function autonomously with a senior veterinarian available for consultation. In addition, the intern will be required to present and attend seminars during the course of the year.

Tufts University/Tufts Medical Center is an AAALAC-accredited program with 4 veterinarians (including 2 ACLAM diplomates, 1 SRS veterinary surgeon, and 1 ACVP diplomate) who provide care for diverse species in a wide range of research fields. The candidate should possess a veterinary degree from an AVMA accredited veterinary school and licensure to practice in one state within the US. The expected salary will be  $48,000 with full benefits and financial support to attend a national or regional conference. The term of the internship is 1-year.

Describe any unique research interests of your facultyAnimal model development for surgical research. Improved animal welfare and enrichment for surgical animals.
Give a few literature citations of publications completed by trainees during their tenure in this program

Beale C, Reyelt, L, Bogins C, Chan N, Perkins S. A Novel Porcine Cannulation in Vivo Drug Delivery Model. Comp Med Journal. Feb 2018 68(1):48-55.

Where will vacancies be advertised?Advertised online only: ASLAP, AVMA, Tufts Website
What month does the program begin?July

Living and Working

Starting Annual Salary~$48,000
To what extent is travel to meetings, etc. paid for?One regional or national meeting and travel expenses paid for.
Is individual health insurance provided?Yes
Is family health insurance provided?Yes
Describe any fees or tuitionNone
Describe the residents' responsibilities for night, weekend, and holiday coverageExtended days, weekend and holiday on-call about 2x/month
How many annual vacation days are given?10 vacation days, 2 personal day
How many annual sick days are given?paid sick time after 90-day probation
Briefly describe the communityPassionate and supportive, service-oriented team. Work closely with academic and industry clients and researchers.
Institutional, facility, or training program web sitewww.tuftsmedicalcenter.org/srl