Institution TypeUS Government Agency
Is there a medical school?No
Is this a land-grant institution?No
Vivarium Directorvaries by institute
Program DirectorLTC Krinon Moccia
Who to ContactDr. Patty Chen
Address810 Schreider St, Animal Care and Use Review Office, US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, Fort Detrick, MD  21702
Phone(301) 619-1220
Fax(301) 619-4165 or

Vivarium Information

Vivarium Name4 Research Vivaria in the Washington DC area
Is the facility AAALAC accredited?Yes
Describe management structure2-5 Administratively distinct vivaria
Describe the extent to which your facilities are centralizedAnimals housed in 2-5 separate locations
Vivarium Square Feet
Summarize the nature of the animal population and the predominant types of clinical activities

This program is open ONLY to active duty US Army Veterinary Corps Officers. The training sites include the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, the U. S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, U. S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense, and the Uniformed Services University with the Armed Forces Radiobiological Research Institute.

Traditional laboratory animal species including non-human primates, as well as some exotics and farm animals comprise the animal populations.
Number of Veterinarians in program22
Number of ACLAM Diplomates in program22
Number of Boarded Pathologists0
Number of Other Boarded Veterinary Specialists0
Number of necropsies/week in the veterinary unit0
Number of surgical cases/week in the veterinary unit0

Training Program Details

Is this program recognized by ACLAM?Yes
Does this program participate in the Veterinary Internship & Residency Matching Program (VIRMP)?No
Number of concurrent residents14
How many residents/trainees have completed this program?124
Of these, how many have subsequently become ACLAM Diplomates?118
In what year did the program accept its first trainee?1968
How many years are required to complete this program (residency only)?3
Is formal coursework offered?Yes
Is a degree program associated with this residency?No
If yes, what degree(s)?an MPH option is available
Which departments most commonly grant degree(s)?
Give an overview of this program, describing its particular strengths and any unique aspects that are not addressed in any of the other sectionsEnrollment is limited to active duty Army veterinarians.
Describe any unique research interests of your facultyInfectious diseases both exotic and endemic, chemical defense, radiobiology, combat medicine.
Give a few literature citations of publications completed by trainees during their tenure in this program

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Where will vacancies be advertised?N/A
What month does the program begin?July

Living and Working

Starting Annual Salary$75,000
To what extent is travel to meetings, etc. paid for?covered
Is individual health insurance provided?Yes
Is family health insurance provided?Yes
Describe any fees or tuitionNone
Describe the residents' responsibilities for night, weekend, and holiday coverageBased on veterinary coverage at site - on rotation
How many annual vacation days are given?30
How many annual sick days are given?0
Briefly describe the communityActive duty military Veterinarians and civilian government veterinarians and support staff
Institutional, facility, or training program web site