The ASLAP Foundation funds training opportunities for veterinary students in the field of laboratory animal medicine. Your donation will help us recruit the brightest and best young colleagues to our specialty.


ASLAP Events

2015 AVMA Convention- Boston

July 10-14th

Day/Date Time Session Title Speaker
Sat. 7/11/15 8-8:50 am Ferrets - intro Ferret husbandry and enrichment in the research environment Robyn Engel
Sat. 7/11/15 9-9:50am Ferrets - intro Uses of the ferret in biomedical research Robyn Engel
Sat. 7/11/15 10-10:50am Ferrets - intro Surgical Procedures in Ferrets Alison M. Hayward
Sat. 7/11/15 11-11:50am Ferrets - intro  Ferret Diseases: The Nitty Gritty Misty Williams-Fritze
Sat. 7/11/15 2-2:50pm MSMR Legislation Affecting Animal Research Alan Dietrich
Sat. 7/11/15 3-3:50pm Get Out and Change the World Stop Hiding and Change the World Cindy Buckmaster
Sat. 7/11/15 4-4:50pm Benefits of Animal reseach The Miracle Tour Grand Rounds Tour Paul McKellips
Sat. 7/11/15 5-5:50pm ASLAP Fellows ASLAP Foundation Summer Fellowship Experience Taylor Bennett &
Karin Powell
Sun 7/12/15

8-11:50 am or 1-4:50pm

 Rabbits Rabbit Spay Wet Lab Misty Williams-Fritze &
Corinna Beale
Mon. 7/13/15 8-8:50 am Clin Path in rodent Oh Rats, You Want ME to Evaluate those Biomarkers? – Tips on Clinical Pathology Evaluation in Rodents Lindsey Tomlinson
Mon. 7/13/15 9-9:50 am Transgenics/Knockout Medical tinkering with animal genomes Steve Niemi
Mon. 7/13/15 10-10:50 am Graft vs Host in Swine Bone Marrow Transplantation And Graft-Versus-Host Disease In Pre-Clinical Large Animal Models: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Raimon Duran-Struck
Mon. 7/13/15 11-11:50 am TBD TBD TBD
Tues. 7/14/15 8-8:50am Animal Enrichment Ethologically Relevant Environmental Enrichment Christina Winnicker
Tues. 7/14/15 9-9:50am Animal Enrichment Ethologically Relevant Environmental Enrichment Christina Winnicker
Tues. 7/14/15 10-10:50 am Assisting Animals/Helping Hands Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers – Past, Present, Future Megan Talbert
Tues. 7/14/15 11-11:50 am Field Studies Wildlife Medicine Basics for the Private Practitioner Florina Tseng