ASLAP 2023 Membership Drawing

Members who paid their 2022 dues prior to the March 1 deadline was eligible to participate in a drawing for a free membership in 2023.  The names were selected during the ASLAP Networking Luncheon in Louisville.  The winners are :

  1. Dr. Timothy Jones
  2. Dr. Emily Miedel
  3. Alessandro Lamacchia

Want to be eligible for the drawing next year?  Pay your 2023 dues before March 1!.  2023 Dues are available now for renewal, simply login and select "My Profile" in the upper right-hand corner.  From the menu that appears click on "Pay Open Orders".  Need an invoice so you can pay by check?  Send a email to and request a membership invoice.

ASLAP Veterinary Student Award Program (VSAP)

The ASLAP Foundation is seeking nominations of senior veterinary students for the Society’s Veterinary Student Award Program (VSAP). Click here for the nomination form 

The Veterinary Student Award Program (VSAP) provides awards (a certificate, one year’s membership in ASLAP and a copy of the 3rd edition of the ACLAM Laboratory Animal Medicine textbook, and a monetary award of $300). There will be a total of five awards presented.

The VSAP is intended to increase awareness of the practice of laboratory animal medicine by recognizing five current senior veterinary students who have demonstrated significant interest and potential in the field. Awards will be presented at the student’s respective school during their awards program or another suitable public event involving a large proportion of the student body. Past winners of the VSAP Award are not eligible.

Nominations are welcomed and encouraged from any current national ASLAP member. Completed nomination forms should be accompanied by the student’s CV and an essay written by the student of up to 500 words describing their participation in activities related to laboratory animal medicine, and how these activities have influenced their interests and career goals and whether they have applied to and/or been accepted to an ACLAM recognized training program.

Please note that senior students that wish to nominate themselves or another student must be members of the national ASLAP organization. Nomination forms including essays and CVs must be received by February 28, 2023

Please send nominations to Sally Westlake ( Again, all nominations must be complete and received by February 28th. Click here for the nomination form 

Please support and encourage a senior veterinary student you know who is interested in laboratory animal medicine by nominating them for this award.

ASLAP Foundation 2023 Summer Fellowship Program

The American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners Foundation with several funding partners is supporting 10-12 week Summer Fellowships in Laboratory Animal Medicine.

Are you interested in clinical veterinary medicine and research? Do you want to work with a variety of non-traditional species? Are you curious about cutting edge science that defines the human and animal biomedical fields? If you are, then LABORATORY ANIMAL MEDICINE is the career for you, we can help you explore, AND pay you to do so! Activities in these programs will include practice of clinical medicine in a research environment, pathology of laboratory animals, surgery, animal colony management, working closely with laboratory animal veterinarians and residents, participation in journal clubs, seminars and management teams, regulatory oversight of animals used in research, laboratory animal medicine research and a number of other exciting endeavors.

Program structures, activities, fellow numbers and application requirements vary so you can surely find a program that fits your goals. Please review the program web sites or contact directors for more information. Participating programs and their sponsorships will be announced in November and application deadlines posted by the end of November.  Applications deadline is anticipated to be early February.

Your Profession needs laboratory animal veterinarians! If you are among this growing cadre of students who realize the excitement and personal rewards of a career in laboratory animal medicine, these programs are a great resource for you to explore and gain experience. Consider a Laboratory Animal Medicine Fellowship – it will be a very rewarding experience!