The ASLAP Foundation funds training opportunities for veterinary students in the field of laboratory animal medicine. Your donation will help us recruit the brightest and best young colleagues to our specialty.



ASLAP membership is open to ALL veterinarians, veterinary residents, and veterinary students providing them with

To join, simply complete the membership form (regular, resident or student) below, print it and follow the instructions on the form.

We look forward to receiving your application.

ASLAP Individual Membership Application  (doc) (pdf)


Institutional ASLAP Membership Application  (doc) (pdf)


Need to contact ASLAP: (901) 333-0498 or

ASLAP is a recognized affiliate organization within the AVMA House of Delegates.

To join AVMA visit

ASLAP is committed to providing ongoing continuing education at both the AALAS and AVMA annual meeting. ASLAP works with ACLAM to deliver informative sessions to the research community, and every other year ASLAP conducts an continuing education seminar at the National AALAS meeting.

ASLAP allows you to get involved in organized veterinary medicine through the opportunity to participate on one of our diverse committees.

Each member of ASLAP enhances our field by bringing our community together through expertise, knowledge, and motivation.

Membership in this organization is open to any veterinarian who is engaged in or interested in promoting and supporting laboratory animal practice.

Student membership is open to any student currently enrolled at a veterinary school or college accredited by the American or Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.

Resident Membership is open to any resident of an institution. Membership requires the Program Director's signature.

Institutional Membership is applicable to institutions that employ multiple veterinarians. The institutional membership offers discounted rates both for regular memberships and for residents / trainees.

Membership may be obtained by submitting an application to the ASLAP office along with payment of dues. Applications must be endorsed by one ASLAP member in good standing.

Business meetings are held at the annual AVMA and AALAS meetings. Annual dues are set by the Board of Directors and are payable on or before March 31 of the current membership year without penalty.