Comparative Medicine Sessions at the AVMA Convention

The ACLAM/ASLAP Joint Program Committee sponsors educational Comparative Medicine programming at the AVMA Convention every year. Please join us for our exciting lineup of speakers and topics in Denver this July 14-17!

July 14, 2023

SARS-CoV-2 in animals: What we know, what we think we know and what remains unknown

Danielle R Adney, DVM PhD

Natalie M Wendling, DVM MPH DACVPM

Just Chinchillin’: Chinchilla husbandry, colony management, common clinical presentations and research models

Lauren Habenicht, DVM MS DACLAM

Michael Fink, DVM PhD DACLAM

Christina Avena Roman AASVT

Daniel Tollin PhD

U.S. federal efforts to develop and implement alternatives to animal testing

Dave Allen, PhD

Unraveling research animal medicine

Leah Makaron, DVM DACLAM

John J Hasenau, DVM DACLAM

July 15, 2023

There ain’t no I in team (but you know there is a me!)

Alex Winnicker, MA Med

Staff engagement: A three-pronged approach to keeping staff awake during all hands meetings – kudos, brain-training, and one thing

Christina Winnicker, DVM MPH DACLAM

Developing a professional organization’s culture of inclusivity – lessons learned

Donna Jarrell, DVM DACLAM

Dondrae Coble, DVM DACLAM CertAqV

Exploring careers in laboratory animal medicine

Jessica Ayers, DVM DACLAM

Derek Fong, VMD DACLAM

Katrina Kopf, DVM MS

July 16, 2023

Pain management in small rodents

Lonnie V Kendall, DVM PhD DACLAM

July 17, 2023

Resilience in U.S. army veterinarians – imminent threats and proposed solutions

Teresa V Schlanser, DVM


Experience-based neuroplasticity in domesticated and wild animals

Kelly Lambert, PhD

Trailblazers in laboratory animal medicine

Donna Jarrell, DVM DACLAM

Dondrae Coble, DVM DACLAM CertAqV

A week in the life of the National Park Service, Wildlife Health Branch veterinarians

Laurie A Baeten, DVM PhD

The challenges of working with wildlife in captive research settings

Laurie A Baeten, DVM PhD