ASLAP 2021 Webinar: Sentience, neuroscience and the concept of mindfulness and meditation for health professionals

When:  May 19th 2:30 pm CST – 4:30 pm CST

Fee:  It’s Free!

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In this discussion, we will briefly explore the history and techniques of mindful meditation and its role for veterinarians and veterinary support staff. You will experience the basics of mindfulness, initiate it into hands on practice during the discussion and explore its place in creating a healthy work/home environment.


Our goal is to provide scientific data along with hands on practice of mindful meditation. Specifically, we will discuss:

• What IS mindfulness?

• What is burnout?

• What are the signs and symptoms of burnout?

• What are some physical and psychological benefits of mindfulness practice?

• What is the good news? Introducing neuroplasticity and brain health for lifelong learners.


Curtis W. Anderson, PhD
Professor of Physiology
Department of Biological Sciences
Idaho State University

K Christina Pettan-Brewer DVM, MSc
Veterinarian, Co-Director, Teaching Professor (Lecturer)
Animal Health Disease Surveillance Monitoring Program
School of Medicine, Department of Comparative Medicine
University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Learning Objectives:

1. Acquire an ability to learn that mindfulness practices can be done anywhere, at any time, and completely non-judgementally to one’s own self or clients.

2. To understand that it is neither a religion nor a cure for any disease, but a complementary physiological approach to global human health.

3. To be aware of the multiple approaches to mindfulness and find one (or two or three) that fit best with your lifestyle.

4. To learn how to, and appreciate, the practice of mindfulness and hopefully embrace it as part of your job and personal lifestyle if it works for you.