2022 AVMA Conference



Life in Space:  Finding Answers Through Animal Research

SARS-CoV-2 in Zoos:  Lessons Learned During a Pandemic

Euthanasia in Lab Animal Medicine:  Where Do You Draw the Line

Describe Safe and Efficacious Options for Small Mammal Anesthesia/Analgesia/Euthanasia

From Bench to Bedside:  How Veterinary Medicine Finds Its Way to Your Patient

Re-envisioning Vivarium Space to Meet Pandemic Needs:  The Path to Establishing a Regional Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination Center Amidst a Pandemic

Embracing One Health in Veterinary Medicine:  Exploring Careers as a Laboratory Animal Veterinarian

Salute to K9:  Dogs Improving Veterans’ Quality of Life

What Veterinary Residents are Learning about Professional Identity Formation:  Supporting the Journey after Graduation

Translational Concepts in Veterinary Clinical Research:  Novel Comparative Oncology Approaches to Developmental (Radio)therapeutics

What’s Your Diagnosis in an Exotic or Laboratory Animal Species?

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