ASLAP/ACLAM Program Committee Sponsoring 5 Sessions in Salt Lake!


The Joint Program Committee is sponsoring 5 session at the 2023 National AALAS Meeting this October (10/22/23-10/26/23) in Salt Lake City with the speakers and topics outlined below.

Monday 10/23/23 

Opportunities and Limitations of Using Animal-Free, Human-Relevant New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) in Biomedical Research 

Megan LaFolette, John Dennis, Jim Newman, Kathrin Herrmann, Thomas Hartung 

Seminar Session 


Experience-Based Neuroplasticity in Domesticated and Wild Animals 

Kelly Lambert, PhD 

Special Topic 


Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility Outcome-Focused Workshop 

Janet Steele, Chandra Williams 



Wednesday 10/25/23 

The Joy of Training with Dr. WOW; A cost efficient and effective means to apply the 3 Rs to hands-on training of research personnel 

Wendy Williams, DVM DACLAM 



Thursday 10/26/23 

Designing the future vivarium 

CJ Arnett, Robert W Engelman, Massimo Ferrari, Harry Lim 

Panel Discussion 


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